Creating Normal

We can continue to talk about and be upset by the injustices of the world, most of which we can't physically do much about in this moment. Or we can focus our attention on what's good and real and right for us? Instead of being irritated about things we have no control over or things we aren't sure are even true, let's begin to think about how grateful we are for what we in the moments we have right now.



Hello Happy Creators and Readers, I hope this post finds you well, in this very early part of March 2020. This year for me already... Wow! 'Be careful what you ask for,' comes back around in my mind today as I fashion this post. I profess that I love to learn and I have been…

Creating Happy Habits

Let me share some of my favorite habits that have made a big, positive difference in my life. You can find a Free Printable version of these on my or jot them down and put by your bed so you can practice these 3 Things-3 Minutes

My hope for the world

I am not sure where to begin as I think about what I have been unpacking from a life-long of experiences and feeling my way through all the things going on this year. It has been a doozy, to say the least, all of it. My memories go back to my crib and I remember…

Happily Behind or Right on Time

I use one of my favorite statements when I am feeling present and accepting- "A wizard arrives precisely when she means to." I don't feel stressed or anything, except perfectly happy with where I am and how I arrive there. But every day is so different and sometimes it's hard to find where my wizardly energy is hiding.

Creating a Happy Home

Hello and happy day or night to you. It's still morning here in Texas, the sun is shining and it promises to be a beautiful day! The people of the world, are for the most part (I hope!) staying home. I work at home and I love my home. This is my safe place and…

Happy Resilience

My heart is completely warmed by the resourcefulness and resiliency of people around the world during this crisis. So many companies and individuals are stepping up and coming together to help how they can.

Creating your Happy

I believe we are all born with a bright, creative spark!I think we all know how to color and freely express, sometimes on walls or our sister but watch a little kid with a crayon. After they put it in there mouth it finds its way to the paper and free coloring and happiness begins!…

Moment Living and Planning

I sure hope you had a good and calm weekend. There have been so many rumblings around the world and I hope that you have found a way to stay steady and sure, with faith, resourcefulness and perseverance to see this particularly challenging flu-season through. I saw a post yesterday that asked, "Can we start…

Who’s Saving Daylight

Hello and Happy Monday! I am back as promised, with all kinds of ideas swirling about what I should post about today. I know, I should have decided that before I began, but this morning I put on my organizing pants and they just haven't been that comfortable. I tried not to let the time…